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ELC: Making an application

ELC: Making an application


20 Jan, 2017

Your step-by-step guide to claiming your ELC funding

1.      Read Joint Service Publication JSP898 – Defence Direction and Guidance on Training, Education and Skills.

2.      Think about what fits your personal development plan and your future.

3.      Discuss this with your line manager and education/learning staff.

4.      Get the necessary approval to enrol.

5.      Go to the ELCAS website at and complete the ELC application form online.

6.      Check the ELCAS database of approved providers to see if the course you wish to enrol on is allowable under the rules.

7.      If you wish to use a provider that is not on the list, ensure they are eligible to participate in the scheme (they must deliver publicly funded FE/HE) and ask them to apply for scheme membership using the information on the ELC website.

8.      Do not leave everything until the last minute. Allow time for any new publicly funded providers to be accepted on to the scheme, as the registration process can take several weeks. Once they have been accepted, you can submit an application to study with them.

9.      Providers are expected to waive any initial registration fee, so don’t pay any of your own money towards the cost of their tuition fees – if you do, it will not be refunded.

10.  You must submit a separate claim form for each year of a course – if you don’t, it could result in support being withdrawn.

11.  Start learning, and make the most of your life!

ELCAS has produced a useful flow diagram to sum up the claims process. You can find this in the Annex at the end of JSP898, which can be downloaded from the ELCAS website at

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