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Discover the digital infrastructure industry

Discover the digital infrastructure industry


15 Jun, 2021

Digital infrastructure is all about data, how we use it, where we store it and how we connect both together. CNet Training refers to digital infrastructure as the network cabling infrastructure and data centre sectors. Read on to find out more, and for details of how to sign up for CNet’s next Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing on 7 October …

Today’s world relies heavily on digital functionality. The way we communicate with one another, the entertainment systems we use, the way we shop and our workplace functionality are just some examples of our day-to-day relationship with data. As you can see from the above graphic, we all rely on the digital infrastructure industry every day – often without even realising it, whether it’s to check emails, manage traffic lights, maintain safety through air traffic control, watch Netflix, run a global organisation or utilise technology. Covid-19 has highlighted just how vital and mission-critical the digital infrastructure industry is, and how we are more reliant on it now than ever before. Without it, we would not have access to the digital services we use every day to allow us to work from home, access online banking, stream entertainment, access healthcare, and connect with friends and family.

The network cable infrastructure sector is commonly referred to as the ‘fourth utility’ and likened to other essential utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Broadband relies on copper and fibre-optic network cable infrastructure, which is absolutely critical to maintain the flow of communication services. As the demand for digital communications increases exponentially throughout the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, the need to upgrade the national broadband infrastructure has become urgent and is being supported by government strategy in partnership with commercial network service providers. 

CNet’s data centre and network cable infrastructure technical education programmes are the only industry-dedicated programmes to award both official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications. They provide credentials that are sought and required within job role specifications across the UK and beyond. CNet’s programmes focus on the accuracy and quality of work deemed essential in order to maintain service availability.

Gain essential industry and career insight

This year CNet has successfully launched a series of Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing events specifically for UK Service leavers. The half-day briefings have been created to provide attendees with an in-depth introduction to the digital infrastructure industry (network cabling and data centre sectors). The virtual briefings, hosted by CNet’s dedicated resettlement and ex-Forces team plus other invited guests, including leading industry organisations, cover the vast array of career opportunities across the industry, typical roles and salaries, plus what it is really like to work in the industry.

The briefings also cover the ELC-funded education programmes that will help individuals achieve their desired goals, and provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions about the industry and career opportunities. They also introduce the resettlement and ex-Forces team, who can offer guidance and advice regarding next steps.

Next Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing: 7 October, 10am to 1pm

Gain an insight into:

  • the digital infrastructure industry (network cabling and data centres)
  •  typical roles and salaries
  • what it is like to transition from the Forces into this industry – hear from ex-Forces at CNet
  • what it is really like to work within the industry – hear from invited guests from companies across the industry as they highlight ‘a day in the life of’ key roles within their organisations
  • career mapping from the Armed Forces
  • CNet’s resettlement and ex-Forces (ELC funded) education programmes and how they can help enhance your career
  • how CNet can support you during your transition to civilian life and for many years after.

Feedback from the previous Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing:

  • ‘Having been out of the “trade” for a couple of years, this has been a great insight into opportunities in not only personal development but also the options for us on leaving the Services. Thank you for allowing attendance. It’s given me food for thought moving forward.’
  • ‘Thank you very much for your time and effort today. It’s been very productive and given me a great insight into the sector.’ 

Click here to find out more or contact the CNet team to register for your free place now (see below for details). 

Visit this page for more information on CNet’s resettlement programmes.


CNet and your ELC

CNet is proud to be the originator of the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework – this forms the benchmark education for the industry worldwide. It maps professional education programmes to actual career routes and progression throughout the industry, allowing learners to enhance their skills, knowledge, industry-recognised qualifications and official certifications as they progress. And, of course, many programmes are eligible for ELC funding, allowing Service leavers extra help to continue to progress their careers.


Find out more

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ELCAS Provider Number: 1267


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