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Delivering technical education for more than 25 years

Delivering technical education for more than 25 years


25 May, 2021

CNet CEO Andrew Stevens discusses why Service leavers should consider a career in the digital infrastructure industry …

CNet Training – the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors – is proud to be celebrating its 25th birthday this year. Since 1996, CNet has educated thousands of Service leavers, providing them with the skills, hands-on experience, and sought-after qualifications needed to enter the lucrative network cable and data centre sectors. 

What is the network infrastructure industry, and why is it a career path Service leavers should consider?

Everyone relies on network cable infrastructure – often without realising – whether it is to check emails, manage traffic lights, maintain safety through air traffic control, watch Netflix, run a global organisation or utilise technology. The digital infrastructure industry is all about data, how we use it, where we store it and how we connect everything together. 

The industry is facing a skills shortage. Demand for cable engineers, data centre technicians and project managers is at an all-time high, with not enough people joining the sector to meet the increased demand. For those who can demonstrate their skills and knowledge with a certification and qualification, the global job opportunities available to them are fantastic. 

CNet has always championed the experience gained in the Armed Forces. We believe it provides the key transferable knowledge, skills, disciplines and mission-critical experience to work across the network infrastructure and data centre sector. I’m passionate about educating the digital infrastructure industry of the benefits of employing more Service leavers into their organisations and providing our learners with the highest-quality technical education programmes, so they are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to walk into a role within the industry. 

To ensure Service leavers are in the best position to get a job in the industry after completing their resettlement programme, we created an additional work placement as part of our popular, industry-leading Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) – often stated as a must-have with tender documentation for new-builds and refurbishment projects across the UK. Following the completion of the 10-day classroom-based programme, split into five-day fibre training and five-day copper training, Service leavers work with CNet’s experienced resettlement team and are placed with a leading cable installation company in the UK for a ten-day work placement. This provides valuable on-the-job experience. A lot of these companies are looking for new recruits, so I always like to compare this placement to a ten-day interview. What better way to show your knowledge and skills than being put in front of a team every day for two weeks? Having this certification and qualification, along with our contacts throughout the sector, can really help individuals to enter the industry. 

Available resettlement programmes

There is a wide range of resettlement programmes available for entry into the data centre and network infrastructure sectors. These include:

CNet’s technical team has also matched programmes to current military experience and levels to make it easier for Service leavers to find the right education programmes to meet their needs

CNet’s resettlement programmes are available to those who are planning on leaving the Armed Forces and, if eligible, can apply for funding with ELC, which varies depending on years’ service. CNet’s network cable infrastructure technical education programmes are the only industry dedicated programmes to award both official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications. They provide credentials that are sought and required within job role specifications across the UK and beyond.

At CNet, we understand that selecting where to spend your resettlement grant is a big step – that’s why we have a resettlement team which is able to help every step of the way as you make this important decision.

Click here for more information on CNet’s resettlement programmes.

CNet and your ELC

CNet is proud to be the originator of the Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework – this forms the benchmark education for the industry worldwide. It maps professional education programmes to actual career routes and progression throughout the industry, allowing learners to enhance their skills, knowledge, industry-recognised qualifications and official certifications as they progress. And, of course, many programmes are eligible for ELC funding, allowing Service leavers extra help to continue to progress their careers.

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