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23 Jan, 2017

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is a partnering agreement between the MoD and Right Management to provide 3rd Line tri-service resettlement support. This consists of career transition services, training and job finding support for leavers of the Armed Forces. RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity – is an integral part of the CTP and leads on the provision of job opportunities and employment support.

This provision is delivered from ten Resettlement Centres in the UK and Germany, and the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) in Aldershot. The CTP provides a number of workshops, seminars, one-to-one career advice, and a range of in-house resettlement training for entitled Service Leavers from up to two years before discharge. CTP RightJob is the CTPís online job-finding service, listing thousands of live vacancies for Service Leavers from local, national and international employers.

Contact the CTP on 020 7469 6661 or visit the website 


Resettlement Services

1st LINE

The first stage in your resettlement process is with 1st Line, who offer information and administrative support. They are:

>>    RN - Education & Resettlement Officers (ERO)

>>    Army - Unit Resettlement Officers (URO)

>>    RAF - Resettlement & Education Co-ordinators (REC).


2nd LINE

The principal task of 2nd Line is to provide advice and guidance on the resettlement package that will best suit the individual Service Leaver. For those entitled to CTP this will normally be a referral to a CTP consultant and/or enrolment on a CTW, both of which will require the Service Leaver to be registered for CTP services. 2nd Line are:


>>    RN - Naval Resettlement Information Officers (NRIO), located at Base Learning Centres; for medical discharges the RN has a single 2nd Line point of contact referred to as NRIO (Medical) based in the Institute of Naval Medicine, Gosport

>>    Army - Individual Education and Resettlement Officers (IERO) and AGC(ETS) Officers are located at Army Education Centres (AEC) and Theatre Education Centres (TEC); AGC(ETS) Officers may deliver 2nd Line resettlement advice when deployed on operations and occasionally when IERO are unavailable

>>    RAF - Each Regional Resettlement Adviser (RRA) is allocated a group of RAF stations to visit on a regular programmed basis.


3rd LINE

Resettlement support at 3rd Line is provided by the CTP as outlined at the top of this page and in more detail on its website at


Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT) 

GRT is the length of time that a Service Leaver is eligible to spend on resettlement activities, including workshops, training courses, civilian work attachments or individual resettlement provision.



All Service Leavers, other than those discharged as Early Service Leavers, are entitled to receive the resettlement support detailed in the table below.



Longer service is rewarded with entitlement to increased resettlement time. All Medically Discharged Service Leavers automatically qualify for the maximum entitlement. Entitlement includes grants, allowances, travel warrants, resettlement leave, consultancy, transition workshops and subsidised training.


Duty Allowances for Resettlement Activities

Individual entitlements to allowances are found in JSP 752 and other single-Service regulations. If in doubt, Service Leavers should ask their resettlement advisers or Unit HR for advice. As with other duty entitlements, payments made in the pursuance of resettlement are made only for 'actualsí and administered through Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) self-service menus. At all times, receipts must be retained and produced in the event that a Service Leaver is selected for audit. Service Leavers' entitlement will depend upon the nature of their discharge and the length of their Service. When selecting a training provider to deliver resettlement services, Service Leavers should be aware that the MOD operates a 'Local Training First' policy. 


Wherever possible, resettlement training should be undertaken local to (i.e. within 50 miles by road or 90 minutes by public transport) Service or home accommodation. Notwithstanding this, external training, including training undertaken overseas, that will incur subsistence costs may be arranged through any training provider in the event that there is no available CTP in-house training or training providers that can deliver an equivalent training outcome locally. All overseas training (see overleaf) must survive HQ scrutiny; and all accommodation, UK or otherwise, other than that offered under exceptional residential arrangements, must be booked through the Defence Hotel Reservation Service (DHRS). All residential accommodation offered by training providers must be pre-authorised by the Unit.


Resettlement Training

Training provided by the CTP
Skills training takes place at the Resettlement Training Centre (RTC) in Aldershot and at a selection of Resettlement Centres. The RTC has bespoke workshops within its Building and Engineering Departments, and also offers Management and IT courses. Many of those on offer result in civilian-recognised qualifications.

To find out more about the wide range of courses available, and to search for dates and locations, visit our website at

For all other enquiries, to check availability, or to make a booking or payment, contact our Course Booking & Information Centre (CBIC):

Civilian: Tel: 02894 456 200 

Military: Tel: 9491 56 200



Training provided by Preferred Suppliers

The Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) identifies a range of local training providers offering some of the most common vocational training that Service Leavers undertake. In order to qualify for the PSL, the training organisation is obliged to demonstrate financial reliability, appropriate insurance cover, past performance, future plans, training facilities, accreditation levels and quality standards. The PSL is published at and is also held in each of the Resettlement Centres. Preferred Supplier status is subject to continuous evaluation, on each course by the Service Leaver, by the CTP and by annual review.


Overseas Resettlement Training

Resettlement training should, wherever possible, be undertaken either in-house (given the value for money and quality assurance available on those courses) or locally in recognition of the local training first policy. Authorisation for overseas resettlement training can only be made by HQ SDE staff on a case-by-case basis and through the intelligent application of the following conditions.

>>    The training outcome is not available under the local training first policy, either within the UK for those serving in UK or within their normal theatre of operations for those serving overseas.

>>    The total costs of the training overseas to the MOD, including eligible subsistence allowances and travel costs, which will be claimed under current regulations, are less than those that would be incurred if undertaking the training in the UK, i.e. the value for money consideration.

>>    SDE staff have reasonable assurance of the quality of the training and its recognition by UK employers.

Any request for overseas training must arrive with SDE HQ staff at least eight weeks in advance of the intended departure date, to enable the necessary political clearances for successful applications to be made.


CTP Employment Events

Our events can be of great benefit and provide an excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and discuss the job market in general, as well as within specific industry sectors. The main types that we hold are:

>>    Employment Fairs ñ attended by a wide range of national and local employers, seeking the skills, quality and experience that Service Leavers have

>>    Live Online Chat Events  ñ enable Service Leavers to chat one-to-one with employers during dedicated time slots, about their company, current vacancies and any training needs

>>    Company Presentations ñ these focus on one particular company, which is normally actively recruiting for a number of vacancies.

>>    Search for upcoming CTP events on our website at


RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity

We exist to provide life-long, life-changing support, jobs and training opportunities to Service leavers and veterans, irrespective of circumstances, rank, length of service or reason for leaving.

Founded in 1885 and operating across the UK, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between military life and civilian employment. We work in partnership with other organisations and employers who, like us, respect and value the unique qualities and abilities of all those who have served.

We are the leading provider of job opportunities and employment advice for ex-Forces men and women. We have thousands of job opportunities with employers who value military experience. We advise you on careers suited to you and we know which employers are recruiting in your area. We work with you so that you have a good CV, and support you through the application and interview process.


To register with us …

Tel: 0121 2360 058 



Service Leaver Support Teams (SLSTs) 

Can be found at Army UK divisional and district HQs and at some regional brigades. They provide Service Leavers with information and help on a wide variety of subjects, including employment, housing, schooling, finance and other resettlement issues. They work in close cooperation with other agencies, including the RFEA, single-Service specialists and the CTP.


CTP RightJob

CTP RightJob is the CTPís online job-finding service, listing thousands of live vacancies for Service Leavers from local, national and international employers. The CTP works with hundreds of organisations that recognise the benefits of recruiting from the ex-military talent pool, and value the experience and strong working ethos Service Leavers bring with them. The site is accessed via the CTP website and the login required is issued during CTWs. Call the Central Employment Team for more information, on 0121 236 0058.


Useful CTP Contacts

To book a CTP workshop or briefing…

Call our central line 0203 162 4410

For booking your Career Transition Workshop (CTW) or any other workshop or briefing. (This is a not a premium rate number and you should only be charged at the normal national rate, dependent on the phone provider)

Alternatively, if you are calling from a military line, contact the Resettlement Centre running the workshop which is normally the Resettlement Centre that you are registered with for your resettlement. Contact details can be found in the list of Resettlement Centres provided earlier in Factfile.


Call our course booking & information centre (CBIC)

Civilian: Tel: 02894 456 200 

Military: Tel: 9491 56 200 or Email:


For RightJob assistance…

Call our central employment team (CET) Tel: 0121 236 0058

If you have forgotten your RightJob password, have been locked out of your account or require support using RightJob.     


CTP Future Horizons

CTP Future Horizons understands that leaving the Armed Forces is a key point in the lives of all Service Leavers, and believes that everyone who has served, even for a short period of time, is entitled to support in transitioning from the military into civilian life. The programme will provide support and assistance to enable you to find suitable employment upon leaving the Armed Forces. Through its network of partners, it will link you in to the most appropriate level of support you need to help with the transition.

CTP Future Horizons has been developed in response to the recognition and commitment from the MoD to improve resettlement provision to Early Service Leavers (ESLs). It is open to ESLs across all Services, regardless of how long you have served or the reasons you have for leaving. The programme has been designed and is delivered by the RFEA ñ The Forces Employment Charity.

To discuss any aspect of CTP Future Horizons, please call Richard Jones, Programme Manager, on 07428 705 770 or meet with a CTP Future Horizons assessor at the following locations: 

>>    ITC Catterick, Hook Company:  01748 872949/2922

>>    ATC Pirbright, Sword Company: 01483 798614

>>    Resettlement Centre Plymouth: 01752 557635

Follow Future Horizons on Facebook, and receive the latest news and updates from the programme. 


CTP Assist

CTP Assist aims to help wounded, injured and sick Service personnel who have the greatest need to find a new, fulfilling career that meets their individual needs, and to assist them in moving on with their lives. The support given will help to pinpoint a rewarding and realistic change of career. Service leavers who are likely to be medically discharged and are ready to engage in resettlement will be referred to the programme by their Chain of Command. To find out more about how CTP Assist can support you, visit


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