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Are you a highly motivated, intelligent person with a work ethic and a conscience? Are you looking for a business that you know has the potential to earn you a large professional income each and every year?

  • Can you work effectively in a team and as an individual?
  • Can you absorb new information and are you willing to learn new skills?
  • Does the thought of working in both Spain and the UK excite you?
  • Is offering lucrative, below market value Spanish investment property advice to a growing client base something  you could do?

If you answered ‘yes’, then we are a perfect match.

We are experts in delivering high yield, below market value property investments as both a pensions hedge and as part of a planned investment strategy, to both seasoned professionals and first-time investors alike.  However, this takes more than just a little hard work, good will and planning. It is also about caring and going the extra mile for each and every one of your clients.

Like any responsible, forward-thinking organisation, we have a training programme and support structure in place to guarantee that you start, grow and succeed in your business.  Once you have the necessary skills and knowledge you will be in a position to become successful. You will be responsible for your own exclusive county area, you will be expected to build your business professionally and you will be expected to form lasting, personal relationships with your clientèle.   

The potential business opportunities are almost limitless, for in addition to our key product areas, we are experts in retirement planning solutions, and are also uniquely positioned to offer accountancy, insurance and mortgage advice through our network of fully regulated partners.  If you believe that you have something to offer us, and you know that you are the right fit for this exciting new position, then please join us for a lunch interview at our new Midlands office.

*This unique life changing opportunity is subject to a training / franchise fee that can be reimburrsed to sucsseful candidates upon completion.* 

Please contact our recruitment director on 01832 864020 or email

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Regional Investment Managers

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Full Time, Permanent

potential to earn a large professional income each and every year?


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