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Keytek Locksmith Training

Join the UK’s leading and largest Locksmith community, for a profession which has variety, flexibility and most importantly the luxury to design your own career.

The Locksmith industry is an excellent career choice for those looking to settle back into civilian life as it offers you the flexibility to design your own career, services and working hours to tailor your working life around the important aspects of your personal life. Choose your own hours, experience no two jobs the same whilst also having the freedom to explore different techniques and specialties to grow your experience and knowledge.

Becoming a Locksmith is not just simply a career change; it is a journey to a profession where you have the opportunity to adapt your pathway to where you feel a sense job satisfaction, self-discovery, and variety every day.

Training To Become a Locksmith

With over 25 years of experience within the industry, we are committed to offering career pathways for those who are looking to join Locksmithing and so offer a specialist Locksmith Qualification to train those who are new to the industry. Learn everything you need to know about becoming a Locksmith, from skills, techniques, identification and so much more!

We at the Keytek® Locksmith academy are one of the select few in the UK to offer the industry’s first and only Locksmith Qualification! Our commitment to the Locksmith industry and to provide first class Locksmith training courses has allowed us to set the standards for the industry as we strive for an industry which holds expert knowledge and professional training, going above and beyond for every customer.

On successful completion of the course there is the opportunity to join our national subcontracting network!

Subcontracting with Keytek® Locksmiths

As the leading Locksmith® community within the UK we provide customers with unmatched, expert Locksmith services nationally in a bid to set the standard of excellence and professionalism for the Locksmith industry. We know our Locksmiths are some of the best in the industry and we are always recruiting nationally to match expert, local Locksmiths to customers in need. We are currently recruiting Locksmith Engineers across large areas of the UK and have lots of work to offer.

Joining our national sub-contracting network offers you opportunities such as:

  • Flexible work and life balance where you can choose your own hours, determine your own Locksmith services, and allow you to design your career around other important things in your life.
  • Enjoy an ever progressing career path, where different avenues, services, expertise, and product knowledge is always open to you.
  • Being a part of a community where jobs, customer satisfaction and earnings are based on drive and commitment.
  • Being offered work that fits around your own Locksmith business, should you want to start one.
  • A dedicated Engineer Liaison and Technical team, providing 24 hour support.
  • An in-house Marketing department, dedicated to providing jobs to our local Locksmiths.

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Job Details

Job Title:
Domestic and Commercial Locksmith (Subcontractor)

Job Type:
Full Time, Part Time


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