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Great Ormond Street - Senior Staff Nurse Band 6

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare. GOSH is an acute specialist paediatric hospital with a mission to provide world-class care to children and young people with rare, complex and difficult-to-treat conditions.

The International and Private Patient (IPP) Division admits and treats children with an unrivalled range of medical and surgical conditions including haematology/oncology, immunology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, ENT, metabolic, and nephro-urology disorders.

The aim of the division is to provide specialist care to children from overseas as well as a number of UK private patients, incorporating 90 different countries. The patients attending IPP often cannot access the level of medical care they require in their home country and consequently are funded by their government or employer to access this care within IPP.

The division has an establishment of approximately 250 clinical and non-clinical staff, across a dedicated bed pool of 53 inpatient beds where over 18,500 outpatient appointments and 2,000 inpatients take place annually. The nurse to patient ratio is low between staff and patients which allows for a strong working relationship to be established with families and patients. In addition and when appropriate, funded beds on NHS wards are used for specific patient pathways such as intensive care, cardiac, nephrology and neurosurgery. 

IPP have an extensive team of Clinical Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Case Managers, Play Therapists and Senior Nurses. In addition, we also have a large team of interpreters who advocate for our overseas families throughout clinical discussions and therapeutic interventions. There are extensive learning opportunities within the Trust as well as university courses.

Within IPP we work as a strong multidisciplinary team through an holistic approach to provide clinical excellence within a busy and thriving environment.

Division - International and Private Patients

Responsible to - Ward Sister/Charge Nurse

Accountable to - Lead Nurse/Head of Nursing

Type of contract - Permanent or fixed term

Hours per week - Up to 37.5

Location - Great Ormond Street Hospital

Budgetary responsibility - None

Manages - Supports the Band 6 and 7’s management of Healthcare Assistants and Students.

Trust Values and Expected Behaviours

Over 2,000 of our staff, patients and parents have developed a set of Values – Our Always Values. These are the values that should characterise all that we do and our behaviours with our patients and families and each other. Our Always Values are that we are:

  • Always Welcoming
  • Always Helpful
  • Always Expert
  • Always One Team

These values are extremely important to us and we expect everyone who works at GOSH in any capacity, including employees, bank staff, contractors, agency staff, people who hold honorary contracts, students and volunteers to share and uphold Our Always Values. Each value is underpinned by behavioural standards and employees will be expected to display these behaviours at all times. You can find a full copy of Our Always Values on our intranet.

The Trust also expects that everyone who works here shall act in such a manner as to justify public trust and confidence and to uphold and enhance the good standing and reputation of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust. Individuals must therefore at all times carry out their duties with due regard to the Trust’s Equality at Work Policy.

Scope of the role

  • To provide clinical leadership to a designated nursing team and ensure the provision of high quality nursing care to children and families.

  • To act as a role model and expert clinical practitioner
    To assist in the safe, effective and efficient management of the department within allocated resources

  • To promote a progressive attitude to the continual improvement of patient care through research and evidence based practice

  • To undertake delegated responsibility for the department in the absence of the Ward Manager

  • To be familiar with and adopt the principles of the NHS Chief Nursing Officers vision for Compassion In Practice (NHS Commissioning Board Dec 2012).

  • Contribute towards achieving the ‘Great Ormond Street Hospital Vision for Nursing’ (Jan 2013).

Key working relationships

Internal: Nurses, Doctors, administrative team, physiotherapists, pharmacists, social workers, occupational therapists, healthcare assistants, play specialists, psychologists, psychotherapists, IT staff, chaplains dieticians and housekeeping staff and other teams within GOS

External: Families, GPs, other hospitals, local health authorities, social services, community services, schools

Main duties and responsibilities


  • To be a clinical expert within the specialty.

  • To ensure the provision of excellent, evidence based nursing care for the children and their families at all times.

  • Ensure that each child is assessed, and that their care is planned, implemented and evaluated in negotiation with the family, and that this is accurately documented.

  • Promote Family Centred Care and ensure the provision of a welcoming, caring, clean and safe environment for the children and their families.

  • To act as an advocate for the child and family ensuring the provision of appropriate information and support services.

  • To communicate complex and sensitive information effectively to patients, carers and other staff, overcoming any barriers to understanding and providing support during distressing or emotional events.

  • Ensure that discharge planning is commenced at the point of admission, liaising with the multidisciplinary team, other departments and community services as necessary.

  • To develop and maintain clinical skills and knowledge necessary to provide holistic, evidence based nursing care. This includes completion of the Trusts clinical skills competency framework and expanded role responsibilities, following appropriate training.

  • To be competent in the administration of medication including under patient group directives.

  • Communicate effectively, promoting open and trusting relationships.

  • To be aware of the uses, safety precautions and handling of equipment in the department.

  • Assist in the development and review of policies and standards for the safe use and cleaning of equipment and any new equipment introduced to the department.

  • To be competent in the use of all relevant Trust IT systems ensuring that data is entered in an accurate and timely fashion, in accordance with Trust policy and procedure.


  • Ensure the provision of appropriate supervision and support to members of the ward team.

  • Support the provision of effective communication between all members of the multidisciplinary team, other hospital departments, relatives and visitors.

  • Ensure quality care is given, by being familiar with agreed ward and Trust standards of care and to inform seniors, if the required standard cannot be reached.

  • To be familiar with the Nursing Vision and ensure that key performance indicators are met in relation to getting the basics right and implementation of ‘Saving Lives’

  • To ensure compliance with the Health and Social Care Act regulations 2010 by adhering to the Care Quality Commission standards at all times.

  • Manage allocated resources effectively and efficiently. This includes maintaining the correct skill mix of staff for patient dependency, bed/list management, utilisation of time and equipment, authorisation of bank/agency time sheets as appropriate.

  • Assist in ensuring the safety of the department, and the risk management process by actively participating in clinical audit, clinical risk and quality issues, including the managing and reporting of incidents.

  • To ensure that all staff know where to access trust policies and clinical procedure guidelines and that staff adhere to these at all times

  • To lead on an agreed area of department management e.g. infection control link, teaching research etc.

  • Act as a team leader for a group of nurses, acting as a mentor/preceptor, and facilitating their development through challenge and support.

  • To lead and co-ordinate team projects and team building activities.

  • Participate in the process of recruitment and retention of staff.

  • Promote and support the improving working lives philosophy, and initiatives

  • To contribute to the appraisal process, and if required disciplinary activities.

  • Deputise for the ward manager in their absence or when requested.

  • Participate in events or publications that promote the Trust and children’s nursing.


  • To actively assist in the education and practical training of learners, junior staff and multidisciplinary team members at every opportunity, through formal and informal teaching.

  • Ensure the provision of and access to appropriate mentors for student nurses, and provide a supportive and challenging environment for students in training.

  • Participate in the audit of the clinical learning environment

  • Supervise and orientate learners, temporary staff and staff new to the area.

  • To act as a preceptor for junior staff nurses.

  • To be a resource for students and junior colleagues, facilitating the development of junior staff

  • Teach parents the clinical skills required to care for their child safely at home.

  • To initiate and participate in audit and research studies relating to nursing and multidisciplinary care, presenting findings through presentations and writing for publication

  • Maintain own professional development and mandatory training.


  • To maintain confidentiality surrounding the child’s admission and treatment at all times.

  • To ensure that all patient care is documented,  and that all relevant documentation is completed accurately and within agreed timescales using Trust approved documentation, in line with NMC, CQC  and Trust standards.

  • To have knowledge of and adhere to ward and Trust policy and professional standards. To ensure that team members do likewise.

  • To demonstrate a professional approach to work, and act in accordance with the GOSH

  • Trust Our Always Values and the NMC Code of Professional Conduct at all times.

  • To participate in staff appraisal, staff development and in service training activities.

  • To meet PREP requirements for Revalidation. To identify own learning needs and ensure own professional development is maintained by keeping up to date with practice developments.

  • To undertake further training and academic qualifications as relevant to the role and service requirements.

  • To be conversant with and demonstrate in practice the principles of the NHS Chief Nursing Officers vision for Compassion In Practice (NHS Commissioning Board 2012).
    Participate corporately and lead locally in delivering the ‘Great Ormond Street Vision for Nursing’ (Jan 2013)

Other information - Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust is a dynamic organisation, therefore changes in the core duties and responsibilities of this role may be required from time to time. These guidelines do not constitute a term or condition of employment.

Confidentiality - On appointment you may be given access to confidential information which must only be disclosed to parties entitled to receive it. Information obtained during the course of employment should not be used for any purpose other than that intended. Unauthorised disclosure of information is a disciplinary offence.

Risk Management - You will be required to ensure that you implement systems and procedures at a local level to fulfill the requirements of the organisation’s Risk Management Strategy including local management and resolution of complaints and concerns, management of SUIs/incidents and near misses. Your specific responsibility for risk management will be clarified to you by your manager at your local induction.                                   

Emergency Planning - In accordance with the organisations responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, you may be required to undertake alternative duties as is reasonable directed at alternative locations in the event of and for the duration of a significant internal incident, major incident or flu pandemic.

Human Rights - You are required to comply with the regulations of the Human Rights Act 1998 during the course of your employment. 

Sustainable Development - You will be required to demonstrate a personal commitment to the Trust’s Sustainable Development Plan and to take personal responsibility for carrying-out your work duties in a way which is compliant with this Plan.

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