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Dstl maximises the impact of Science and Technology for UK Defence, Prosperity and Security across government. Working in partnership with other government departments, international colleagues and industry, you will make a valuable contribution to our projects. 

We’re always looking for talented engineers, scientists and technologists to join our teams.

Dstl is organised into 5 Delivery Divisions. The Divisions provide the Science and Technology to address the ever-changing challenges faced by UK Armed Forces, MoD and the UK Government.

Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) Division provides an integrated Chemistry, Biology and Radiation science capability. Delivering longer term scientific research as well as short term advice and consultancy, this Division supports both the Front Line Commands and wider Government.

Defence and Security Analysis Division brings together approximately 550 people with expertise in human systems, training, modelling and simulation, systems thinking and analysis. We lead Dstl’s support to operations and our research programmes provide decision support and cross-cutting innovative research for customers across the Defence and Security enterprise.

Platform Systems Division delivers battle winning science and technology through focusing on single platform-based capability covering all mission and weapons systems, plus the related survivability capabilities.

Cyber and Information Systems Division provides a single focus for Dstl’s space capability, C4ISR (including Sensors, Data processing, information systems communications) and Cyber. We maintain and develop a range of capabilities that achieve the Division's vision of delivering transformational information superiority.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Division delivers innovative science and technology (S&T) solutions to support operations, both for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and other government departments. CTS is a diverse division staffed by specialist practitioners who, with appropriate in-house laboratories, workshops and facilities, provide the ability to respond rapidly to operational demands and ensure that the UK retains operational advantage.

Dstl is located at Porton Down, Salisbury Wiltshire; Dstl Portsdown West, Fareham Hampshire. Whilst we currently have some of our people based at Dstl Fort Halstead we are vacating the site by the end of 2019. We also have a small enclave based with the Naval Institute of Medicine at Alverstoke.


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