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Ron Fellowes

Ron Fellowes


06 Feb, 2017

Final Rank: Colour Sergeant, Royal Marines
Job: Health and safety trainer/consultant

I decided on health and safety as a new challenge and completed my NEBOSH General Certificate, Fire Safety and Risk Management, and Environmental Management qualifications using one ELC claim for all three, which was a bonus.

Having gained these qualifications, Premier Partnership decided to take me on and progress my learning and H&S career development. The transition was helped as there are a few ex-military guys here – the director being one of them – so the banter is always good. I intend to use my ELC to gain further recognition in the H&S world, namely the NEBOSH Diploma, which Premier Partnership is helping me through.

If there is one thing I would advise, it’s to find the right training provider who can offer you support, not only during the lessons but from end to end of training. Premier uses webinars to aid in revision, which I find is a massively helpful tool – it certainly helps me.

Premier Partnership has a solid pedigree in H&S training and boasts great result stats. It offers end-to-end support, giving you the best opportunity to gain a globally recognised NEBOSH qualification.

If you are interested, email and quote ‘ELC’ in the subject line.
Get in touch on 01302 369700

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