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Ricky Burt

Ricky Burt


06 Feb, 2017

Years Served: 7 Years
Job: Lockforce (Hull Franchisee)

‘I had been in the Armed Forces for seven years and, when I left, I joined Lockforce. I had read about Lockforce in an issue of QUEST that was given to me during my resettlement.

‘I joined Lockforce because I wanted to be my own boss. I’m doing a job I love, but have a network of colleagues who are there to help – as well as head office, which is just a phone call away. I have had someone to cover my back and teach me about running a business, and to provide me with the training I felt I needed.

‘The training worked very well for me, it was on a oneto- one basis up in Leeds with another member of the team called Carl. It started in a classroom and then we would go out doing jobs with real customers, so we actually got hands-on training while doing live jobs, which is how I like to learn.

‘Running the business is great! I work the hours I want to, I am earning more than I ever could have running a business alone, and my business has more than doubled since year one and is still growing. The results I am getting are a reflection of what I’ve put in to my franchise: I get directly rewarded according to how hard I work. ‘I have children so I get to spend time with them now, which I didn’t while I was in the Armed Forces, so now I get to make up for that. When they finish school I can be there to pick them up – I can make my work revolve around my life, whereas in the Armed Forces I had no opportunity to do that.

‘If you’re thinking about joining Lockforce, I would say do your background research, check that it’s something you definitely want to do, and ask yourself if you want to invest in your future. Then make sure it’s something that interests you. At the end of the day, it’s going to be your life going forward. As for me, I feel confident that my future with Lockforce will be exciting and lucrative.’

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