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Phil Coleman

Phil Coleman


09 Nov, 2017

Years Served: 9
Service branch: Army (Infantry)

After doing this for five years I decided that I wanted to return to work in the UK – and also to enjoy the freedom of being my own boss and work the sort of hours that fit in nicely with family life.

After plenty of research into becoming a driving instructor I chose to train with LDC. My decision was influenced by the fact that I could take advantage of my Enhanced Learning Credits to help with the cost – however that was not the sole reason. The level of support, training and opportunities that I felt were on offer were also key factors in my decision.

I proved to have made the right choice. The support was there from the first point of contact and continues to this day (I have now been qualified for seven months). The training was second to none. All the learning materials were provided from the start to enable you to learn at your own pace, and the practical training was all done locally. The level of training was top-notch, giving me all the information and tools to not just qualify as an ADI but to have the confidence to get out there and teach learners a life skill – in some cases changing their lives in a big way. With all the great support and training from LDC, I was able to pass my Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 exams first time.

Now, several months into my new career, business is going great. My diary was full by week three. This was done with the help of LDC-generated learners along with self-generated learners. The latter were gained thanks to advice and knowledge passed on by not only the LDC office staff but also the larger LDC ADI community throughout the country via a closed group on social media constantly offering help, advice and tips. I am left to run my own business without being micromanaged, however all the advice and help is there at the other end of the phone, sending of an email or through regular training days if you wish to attend – not just for the teaching side of the job but in terms of running the business too.

If this is your chosen path, don’t hesitate to call the office and get the ball rolling. In fact I have recently recommended LDC to a good friend at the end of his 24 years’ service – something I wouldn’t do lightly!