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Natalie Chapman

Natalie Chapman


23 Jan, 2017

Final Rank: LBdr
Years Served: 7 years, 10 months
Current role: EDF Energy engineer

Natalie is thankful for the life experience she says she gained in all aspects of her Army career. While serving, she also gained a Logistics level 3 qualification. This saw her take up a role with Marks & Spencer on leaving the Services: 'It was on the logistics side of things and I truly loved it, but it was only temporary until I started my EDF training.'

She continues: 'The reason I went for this job is because it is nothing like the Army, although I think that the Army helped with my confidence, which I feel is the reason I got the job.'

Asked to tell Quest what she particularly likes about her current role, she is very enthusiastic: 'I love everything about it! I love the flexibility. I love the people I meet on a day-to-day basis. I love the way I get treated. I really like the hours I do. The pay could be more but I have a career where there is endless opportunity. Being a woman makes me no different to a man in my job, as EDF strives for equality. I can take leave whenever I like. I have a home life and can plan my life, whereas the Army stopped me doing that. I have taken a little drop in pay, but I am truly happy.'

In conclusion, Natalie has some useful advice for your own transition: 'Be very prepared with everything. Do lots of research into jobs and houses. Get all the help available to you from the Services, to help ease the process of becoming a civilian. Make sure you have the support you need, from both Forces and family.'