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Transitioning to counselling/ teaching: Danny Abdy’s story


01 May, 2019

Final Rank: Training Regiment Staff Sergeant
Years Served: 26 years

Former Training Regiment Staff Sergeant now working to support vulnerable young people …

Danny Abdy served for 26 years in the Army before leaving in the rank of Training Regiment Staff Sergeant. Of his time in the Services, Danny says that he thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to travel to new countries and see how other people lived. Through these deployments, Danny found it particularly rewarding to see the impact the Army made: ‘positive changes were made to their everyday lives, either by enhancing infrastructure or passing on knowledge’.

Danny left the Army in April 2015, with the aim of utilising his existing managerial and teaching experiences in a second career. He began his resettlement by attending a CTP Career Transition Workshop (CTW), where he found learning how to establish his own self-marketing techniques and networking skills to be particularly beneficial. To ready himself for future job interviews, Danny also completed a CTP Interview Techniques workshop, designed to provide the opportunity for practical application of the skills developed during the CTW. 

Don’t forget to plan your accommodation and family transition as well as taking time out for yourself so you can mentally prepare for civilian life

With the aim of seeking a role helping children and young adults with behavioural issues, Danny used his Graduated Resettlement Time to undertake a mental health course, which he says, ‘gave me a huge understanding of how to support young people in the future’. He then went on to complete a one-week Civilian Work Attachment (CWA) with Barnardo’s, supporting young people within the classroom environment. The CWA allowed Danny to experience and expand his knowledge of working in his preferred industry sector.

It was via networking and word of mouth that Danny came across his new role with North Yorkshire City Council (NYCC) Children and Young People Services. Commenting on the interview, Danny says, ‘The process was straightforward; I filled out an online application and attended a three-person panel interview in a relaxed, informal environment. Having already conducted practice interviews in the Interview Techniques workshop, the process was a lot easier and less scary.’

Danny’s role with NYCC Children and Young People Services is as portfolio lead for activities, which entails supporting highly vulnerable young adults that can display risky behaviours, as well as providing them with the stability, skills and support they need to successfully manage the transition to adulthood.

Danny’s advice for other Service leavers is: ‘I recommend that you have some kind of idea of the area you would like to work in; chat to your career consultant about it as they can help steer you in the right direction. Don’t forget to plan your accommodation and family transition as well as taking time out for yourself so you can mentally prepare for civilian life. Good luck!’

Our thanks to the CTP for providing us with this case study