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Opportunities in the Territorial Army for Service leavers

The expansion of the Territorial Army will give Service leavers an opportunity to continue their military careers on a part-time paid basis in the Reserve Forces
As part of the drive to recruit the Territorial Army to a strength of 30,000, a number of processes and incentives have been put in place to encourage Service leavers to continue paid military service on a part-time basis once they have left the Regular Army.
By doing so they can continue to enjoy the challenges and camaraderie they experienced during their full-time military careers while providing the Reserves with a wealth of operational experience and contributing their developed military skills to a Territorial Army growing in size and capability.
Service leavers now have a number of incentives that will help attract them to the Territorial Army. These incentives will remain extant for up to three years from an individual’s end of Regular service date, and include:
  • an annual training requirement reducing from 27 days to 15 days
  • a reduction in the number of MATTs to be completed annually
  • a reduced call-out liability (no call-out liability; aside for national emergencies)
  • an annual tax-free annual TA Bounty entitlement of up to £1,674 (as at 2012)
  • retention of their Regular substantive rank seniority provided that they are appointed to a position in that rank in the TA
The two DINs that set out the transfer process are:
  1. DIN 2012DIN01-018: Enlistment to the Territorial Army for serving and recently discharged ex-Regular soldiers: a process guide and incentives 
  2. DIN 2012DIN01-164: Process for joining the Territorial Army for serving Regular Officers or those having recently left.
There is also an Army Briefing Note:
l ABN 103: Seniority of serving and ex-Regular Soldiers on enlistment in the Territorial Army.
Moreover, further financial incentives are being developed aimed at targeting specific Service leavers and direct-entry individuals to join the Territorial Army.
Prospective Service leavers who are interested in continuing their military careers in the TA should speak to their unit RCMO and HR staff.
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